Browns from British plc, the emergent technology consultants.

Browns is a brand name of British plc, who to provide emergent technology consultancy to UK businesses; helping them to unleash the full promise of game-changing innovations and the convergence of physical and digital worlds.

Emergent technology may be defined as the constellation of very powerful technologies that are driving futuristic innovation. It holds the answers to fundamental challenges and ambitious objectives by providing unprecedented capabilities and a significant competitive advantage to those who are prepared to embrace it. These technologies include:

Only the fittest businesses will survive the digital evolution; where an elite customer experience is now expected by all. To thrive, they must be at the forefront of innovation, be adaptive to change and properly leverage those emergent technologies that reduce costs, improve processes and transform capabilities.

About British plc

British plc was founded in Scotland in 1896 and over the past 125 years has won numerous awards for its work. It has strong ties with leading scientists, academics, and innovators; being part of a collective of global thinkers that are bringing next-generation solutions to real-world challenges.

British plc owns the domain name:

British plc has invested in emergent technological intellectual property from before the invention of radio. Today, its portfolio of emergent technology related intellectual property is considered to be of national importance. It may be seen here.

Contact British plc

The directors of British plc are always delighted to hear from exceptionally gifted individuals, or those who are very well funded and share their vision of leveraging high-value intellectual property to create maximum impact and long-term shareholder value.

However, you will NOT find British plc on any social media platform. Should you wish to make contact, please email:

This website is owned and operated by British plc; a company registered in Scotland in 1896 with company number: 3234.